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Origin of our name

Pandora is equivalent to a future new world, a new planet. In light of the generally low standard of guesthouse environment and services in Hong Kong, we come up with an idea of creating our own with a new definition of standardsAfter 80s has become a hot term in Hong Kong. There seems to have a lot of thinking in the society that young people born after 1980 are less capable, less hard working and generally over spoiled compared to the elder counterparts. All of our founders, Ron, Wincent, Fai and Issac were born in the 80s, and we want to prove that some young people have their dreams and can achieve something that is beyond the imagination of the last generation.

We reckon that culture, arts, and green concept are some of the very essential elements that give life meanings. We wish to take this opportunity to incorporate such concepts into our hostel, and enlightened the time that our guests stay with us.